Friday, December 19, 2008

MTV Hero Honda Roadies 5.0

MTV Hero Honda Roadies 5.0 There will be tasks which will test the physical and mental endurance of the Roadies. But more exciting than the journey itself, is to see first hand, how the strangers turn into friends, enemies, maybe even lovers. Kuch bhi ho sakta hai. MTV Hero Honda Roadies 5.0 performing dangerous task.

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MTV Hero Honda Roadies 5.0 - Roadies in Underwear

MTV Hero Honda Roadies 5.0 - Last episode boys
Roadie were made to remove their all cloth as a task
in front of girl roadies

Shambhavi Sharma dancing on Title track of Golmal

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MTV Splitsvilla

MTV Splitsvilla is India’s first Romance Reality Show where LOVE IS WAR for 20 girls in order to
impress 2 boys who are looking for love. These 2 boys who are ex-roadies - Varun from roadies 5.0
and Vishal from roadies 4. MTV Splitsvilla is a creation of MTV at Goa in Intercontinental – The
grand Goa Resort.

On the first episode of MTV Splitsvilla where love is war all the girls landed Goa airport and from there they were taken to villa - Intercontinental where Rannvijay was waiting for them. He explained the task – where these girls need to stay for 1 month and in this tenure they have to impress and make these 2 boys fall in love with them. But first question: Whether the girls gonna like the boys or not? But it hardly matters as the lead is under boys hands, who can keep the girls or dump them.

The game starts lets see whether the girls Gonne impress these boys on their first impression and leave a mark on them.

As the girls entered the villa some were surprised by seeing the venue, others were amazed and found it awesome. One among them Yamini described it as luxury and having fun. They all were crazy and ran to grab their rooms. Bosky asked for the ground floor with her joined Shraddha, Vani, Minakshi. When she entered she found a Jacuzzi to that she was unable to control her happiness.

On the other side Bianca was repeatedly asking for the room from Anubha. It seemed as a child cries for milk she was crying for room. As the girls were busy talking to there surprise they found mugs, Vodafone handset, key chains, sim card kept on their tables especially for them. But poor girls didn't know that the communication was meant for talking only to Rannvijay and LOVE GURU(Who was unknown).

Now the real game starts- the first impression that they have to show on the boys. All were busy getting ready to look best and give a finishing touch to their makeup. One side they were little nervous as they were unknown to whom they are meeting to, who are those 2 boys.

Rannvijay explained the girls on how the task is to be done, one by one the girls will be meeting these guys and introduce themselves and leave a good impression on there mind. At the end of the show only 2 girls will win and each of them will get Rs 5 Lakh each, and both couples will get a chance to host on MTV show.

Each girl tried her best to impress the boys but the boys were too smart. Some left a good impression and some were unable to. As for Sneh Richa, Vishal coded that the moment he saw her face, the vibes that were coming from her were not so energetic and there was no sign of enthusiasm- I want to do it for which she was dumped.

Ritu too was dumped as it seemed to the boys that she does not want to stay here. As for Akansha, Varun felt that she had come for some other reasons to this Akansha was surprised and felt insulted as they misunderstood her words.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MTV Hero Honda Roadies 6 - Hell Down Under

MTV Hero Honda Roadies is back for auditions in its 6th season with Double the Trouble! If you thought dealing with 1 Raghu was tough, you better figure out how our going to deal with 2 Raghu Rams… yes Raghu and his twin Rajiv Laxman will be the judges for the MTV Hero Honda Roadies: Hell Down Under auditions. This season, the danger starts at the auditions, where not 13 but 20 Roadies will be chosen and continues all the way into the deadly terrains of Australia!

And the Cash Prize is also Bigger..the amount is now Rs 10 LAKHS for the WINNER !!!

On the sixth season of the dramatic adventure reality show MTV Hero Honda Roadies 6 - Hell Down Under Raghu’s identical twin Rajeev Laxman will join him to create even more hell for the contestants. “Every year we take the show to another level. This time we have upped the stakes even further,” smiles Raghu, the irreverent boss of the Roadies, and Associate VP, MTV shows. With the number of roadies increased to 20 and the prize money doubled to Rs 10 lakhs, contestants are in for hell Down Under with difficult tasks on the deadly terrains of Austalia and biting observations and sheer wrath from the Raghu-Rajeev duo.

Rajeev— who has been part of the casting process of the Roadies for the last four years— agreed to even turn bald for the show on Raghu’s insistence. Hard to tell the two apart, Rajeev will now be introduced to the viewers for the first time. “Roadies is not just about the money. It’s a badge that makes people discover a side to them that they didn’t even know of,” adds Rajeev, who appears to be almost as aggressive as his twin. “Actually I’m more violent and Raghu is more aggressive,” smiles Rajeev wickedly. “But we use these characteristics only to push the buttons of the contestants to get their reaction.”

But what really prompted them to bring the twist of the twins? “Over the past years people have started observing my behavioral pattern. So essentially, now with both of us appearing on the show, the contestants will not know who they are dealing with,” adds Raghu with a smile.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Rahe Tera Aashirwaad

Show Timing:

Mon – Fri 7:00 pm


Snigdha Srivastava, Nawab Shah, Darpan Srivastava

Rahe Tera Aashirwaad a Indian television show on Colours TV, Rahe Tera Ashirwaad is a show where soap meets fantasy. Maharaj Gajpratap Singh and his wife Padmawati are loyal bhakts of Maa Vaishno Devi but their life is empty without a child, an heir to their kingdom. Their wishes are fulfilled when Padmawati comes to know that she is pregnant. The king is overjoyed that the kingdom has finally got an heir, but unknown to them Bali and Bhukhandi through their evil acts plan to wipe out the royal family and seize their kingdom.

Gajpratap and Padmawati are killed by Bali and Bhukhandi, the day Bhakti is born. Bali and Bhukhandi play their evil games to eliminate Bhakti, who is a firm believer of Maa Vaishno Devi and stands alone to face all the advers ities of life with only one thing on her side her faith and aashirwaad of her Maa.

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Bandhan Saat Janamon Ka

Bandhan Saat Janamon Ka a Indian television show on colours TV Set in Lucknow, this is the story of Jhanvi, an intelligent, mature, simple girl and how her life turns into a nightmare when she gives up her dream to pursue higher studies and chooses instead to obey her parents’ wishes and marry a boy chosen by them. Jhanvi gets married to Paarth after a very brief courtship, without knowing the truth about his family.

She naively enters the house as a newly wed bride and all her dreams shatter, when she learns the bitter truth about Paarth, the family and their sinister plans and where her torture for dowry starts. What does fate have in store for Jhanvi? Will she find the courage to deal with the problems that she faces? Will her marriage stand the test or will it crumble under the strain of these revelations. ‘Bandhan Saat Janamon Ka’ revolves around marriage, the most sacred of Indian rituals, that is supposed to bind two individuals in an eternal bond and the trials and tribulations one has to go through to make this bond stand the test of time.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jai Shri Krishna

Show Release on

21 July 2008

show Timing
Wednesday 8:29 PM

Jai Shri Krishna a Indian television show on colours TV, ‘Jai Shri Krishna’ is the joyful story of God Krishna’s childhood adventures. A multi-layered, magnificent epic tale of this universal God will trace natkhat gopal’s journey from his birth under dire circumstances to being taken to Gokul and being nurtured by his surrogate mother Yashoda. The story of this ‘Murli Manohar’ transcends across all age groups with his mischievous yet, sweet and playful actions compelling the Gopis of Gokul to designate him as ‘Makhan Chor’. It chronicles the growing up years of the Krishna in Gokul and traverses his tales in Mathura wherein he brings to task his evil uncle Kans and his sinister designs.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu a Indian Television show on colours TV

Balika Vadhu Set in rural Rajasthan, directed by Siddharth Sengupta, produced by Sphere Origins, star cast Avika Gor, Avinash Mukherjee, Bhairavi Raichura, Anup Soni, Smita Bansal, Surekha Sikri ‘Balika Vadhu’ traces the arduous journey of child bride Anandi from the brink of childhood to womanhood. Married at the tender age of eight, to an equally young Jagdish, she enters a new world which is at once alienating and confusing. and torn away from the merriment of childhood and her family, she has to accept and accustom herself to this new family of strangers, new relationships and accept her roles as a friend, lover, wife and a mother as she forges her way in the world.

‘Balika Vadhu’ very sensitively portrays the plight of children who are unwittingly forced into marriage, in the name of tradition, and have to bear the repercussions for the rest of their lives.

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